Trade Partners

Roofle® Partners with Local Roof Contractors

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Welcome to the Roofing Revolution

We are looking forward to working with you as one of our professional Trade Partners. We hope to provide you with a mutual positive and lucrative relationship.

Should you have any questions during the process please refer to this Pro Field Guide prior to reaching out to Roofle as many of the questions you may have will be answered in the upcoming pages.


Becoming A Trade Partner

Before getting started

  • Trade Partner Service Agreement needs to be off one time and submitted to Office prior to accepting any labor orders.
  • General Liability and Workers Compensation certificate must be submitted to Office prior to accepting your first labor order and upon request.
  • You must follow all state guidelines and be registered with appropriate regulatory agencies as required by the state where you are working.
  • Trade Partner must have a dump trailer (roll-offs are not allowed).
  • Trade Partner must have a smartphone capable of taking photos and understand how to transmit images and use technology.
Roofle Trade Partners Crew Member

Our 6-Step Process

Step 1 - Site Check

Site Check

Within 72 hours of receiving the work order you will visit the site to verify the measurements, pitches, number of layers, and all materials (new gutter apron, starter on eaves & rakes, ice & water on all eaves, reuse all flashing if possible). Check the word order and report any missing materials or mistakes.

Step 2 - Before Photos

Before Photos

Next you will take pictures of the property, any damaged items, and the permit (if applicable) and upload them to the CompanyCam job record - you will receive a text with a link to access the job record. These photos should be uploaded by 9am on the day of construction. If there is a permit, make sure it is hung on the front door.

Step 3 - Decking


When the roof is stripped off take 10 photos of the decking or all roof elevations. If there is a rotted decking take photos and notify the logistics manager imme- diately if replacement is needed. These photos should be uploaded to the job record by 12pm noon.

Step 4 - Underlayment


After installing the ice & water shield and underlayment, take pictures showing these items properly installed and upload them to the job record before 3pm.

Step 5 - Shingle Installation

Shingle Installation

As the shingles are installed being installed, take photos of at least 6 courses and any flashings that are on the roof. These can be progress photos and com- pleted sections. These should be uploaded to the job record by 6pm.

Step 6 - After Photos

After Photos

Within 24 hours of the installation being completed, the job site must be clean and clear of everything. Unless otherwise noted, all left over materials are to be taken with you or put in the dumpster. Take good photos of the new roof and entire property from the ground. When you upload these final photos it will trigger your payment.

Partner FAQs

When Will I Get Paid?

You will receive payment 2 business days after final photos have been received.

Do I need to send an invoice?

No, you will be paid off the labor order. You do not need to send an invoice.

What happens if weather makes it too dangerous to work?

You will get a new schedule.

What do we do if there is an injury on the job?

Notify Roofle immediately and fill out the accident report.

Do I need to carry insurance?

Yes. Minimum limits include the following:
i. General Liability of $1 million each occurrence and $2 million aggregate
ii. Commercial vehicle liability of $1 million combined single limit (Non-owned vehicle coverage only if Trade Partner uses subcontractors)
iii. Workers Compensation: (a) Statutory Limits; and (b) $1million for: (i) each accident; (ii) disease-each employee; and (iii) disease – policy limit.

All insurance certificates must name Roofle Inc. as additional insured and certificate holder under each of the required insurance policies.

How will I get paid?

Via ACH / Electronic Deposit (must have a business checking account)

Must I warranty my work?

As a Roofle Trade Partner you must warranty your work for one year upon job complete. Upon notification from Roofle you will have 5 days to complete repairs.

What do I do if the Customer tells me the scope is different?

Have them contact their Roofle representative before doing the work.

What if I cannot complete the roof in the allotted time?

Notify Roofle as soon as you know and we will adjust the schedule accordingly.

What do I do if I need extra material?

We add high waste factors to every job, with proper verification there should not be additional materials needed the day of build. In the rare situation there are, you are paid an extra $200.00 per job for any shortages. Go to the supplier, get the materials and pay for it with the $200.00 allowance. Do not use Roofle’s account.

Photo Guide